Hi, this is me. 

It’s really hard to define “me.” I know what I like, I know my goals, and I know what I’m good at—but to define who I am? That’s something I’m still learning, so let’s stick to that. A few things I’m learning on a daily basis:

  • I’m grateful. I’ve been all over the place with interests and passions. Before my angsty high school years were my self-unaware years—when I thought every career path was the one for me. One day I was a veterinarian to-be and another day I was an aspiring owner of a laundromat. Anyone else feel like every career was a viable option in your early childhood/middle school years? Then high school came and I had an attitude and a general distaste for people. College swept me off my feet and showed me a delightful, but unrealistic, world—a world where my greatest problem was an insufficient wardrobe for a fraternity party. That brings us to my first year of adulthood (barf), and I have spent every day learning that gratitude is what gets me through this crazy world. It keeps me grounded, and it keeps me kind and loving.
  • I have a lot of thoughts. If you can’t tell by the ramble above… I tend to take a simple idea and spiral it into countless directions. As a writer, this is great. As a partner or friend, it can get a bit long-winded. But I’ve got thick skin—let me know if my rambles are going rogue and I’ll tone them down.
  • “Spunky” is my favorite word. Sorry, guys. I know you were hoping for a really abstract word from a self-proclaimed word nerd, but no—it’s just spunky. 
  • Human connection is everything. No matter your background or your beliefs, you—like everyone else—want to belong to something. We all coexist in this spherical object floating in the middle of black space, and we don’t realize how much we struggle with the questions that come with that notion. Connect with others. Love others. Care for others. These people have much more in common with you than they don’t.

On that note, thank you. Thanks for being here, for caring about my thoughts, and for giving me a vehicle to express them. Some of my work is for show-and-tell, and some of it is for me to connect with you. Either way, I’m so happy that you’re reading this. I’d love to see your work or hear your thoughts, so drop me a line and I’ll reach out!