My Callsheet is a software that streamlines the process of creating, sharing, and organizing call sheets. The software is designed for professionals in the entertainment industry, and it has recently been growing in popularity. This was good news for the company, but it also signaled the need for a change. With a wider reach, My Callsheet needed to redefine its messaging to appeal to a larger target audience.

PAIN POINT: My Callsheet is designed to be interactive and helpful for its users, but the company noticed an underlying communication discrepancy. Once users downloaded the app, they were on their own to fend for information and instructions on how to use it. Another problem was that My Callsheet couldn’t find the right way to thank its users and to encourage them to keep up with the latest news on the product.

GOAL: I worked with the team to build out an email marketing strategy. We started with four emails: an introduction email for new users, a newsletter template for weekly updates, an invitation to partner with the brand, and an unsubscription email. We defined the target audience as a group of millennial entertainment professionals, so I worked to reflect that in the copy.

I kept the copy playful and punny, and since we aimed to keep the copy short, I made sure each line was packed with punch and relevant information. I incorporated “call” into the lingo to keep our audience reminded of the mission of the product. The following four email templates are conversational, succinct, pun-loving, and rebranded with a more youthful tone in mind.