17 years ago, a small-but-mighty name began to make its way into the world: LinkedIn. Now it’s a stream of thoughts, FAQs, connections, and advice for professionals of all different industries. Let’s face it: LinkedIn is a gamechanger, and its 500 million users can attest to its influence.

We are fully operating in the digital age, so the way you present yourself on LinkedIn is your first impression as a professional. I teamed up with a wonderful San Francisco-based photographer to give her LinkedIn a facelift. We covered everything from her bio to her photos and articles. See below for a more detailed summary of the revamp.

PAIN POINT: Rafaella wanted to get more exposure to her business. Previously, her #1 source of engagement with potential clients was Instagram. It was going well, but she wanted to expand her target audience to cater more to professionals who needed professional headshots and personal branding advice. We identified LinkedIn as another way to reach this target audience.

GOAL: Rafaella and I spent weeks curating a personal brand and profile for her business. We identified her target audience, relevant keywords, and an overall tone for her brand. The approach was to be conversational and relatable, all while maintaining her repute as a professional.

APPROACH: I came up with a guide for Rafaella to help her hone in on her mission and values as a freelance photographer. This guide was a questionnaire—almost like an interview—which helped me understand how to write about her. To me, writing a bio for someone else means you need to know them almost as well as they know themselves, so we spent a good chunk of time on this. Then, I learned about her work history, the mission of her business, and her goals for future articles on LinkedIn.


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