How to Enable Effective Collaboration Across Your Marketing Team

It takes a certain kind of person to thrive in an agency setting. Ideas are limitless, and cross-departmental collaboration is the glue that brings them together. If your company isn’t a host for creative brainstorms and constructive communication, employees can end up burnt out and frustrated by communication silos. Creative collaboration becomes isolated work, often propelled by deadlines and quick turnaround deliverables. 

Start the solution with better collaboration. With the right tools, you can frame your team for success, and creative collaboration is made possible. Creatives enjoy the unknowns; they just want to experience these unknowns alongside others. What makes for a successful agency is one that bridges together the unknowns with effective communication and fostered collaboration. 

What’s the deal? 

It’s easy to mistake meetings and post-work happy hours for team collaboration, and although team bonding is important, it’s not the same as collaborating. According to a report done by Workfront, a staggering 98% of marketing professionals feel they are experiencing conflict with other teams. 

Content is created by different people — one person may be driving the social media vision while another may be generating copy. Voices will vary, but they should still be aligned. Without a cornerstone for collaboration, it becomes frustrating and duplicative trying to align goals and stay on the same page. 

Best practices 

Meet when it matters: A survey done by Workfront shows that 62% of marketing professionals feel they’re engaged in too many unproductive meetings that get in the way of their work. A key to successful collaboration is encouraging productive brainstorms and work sessions. 

Set goals as a team: Each team will have a different set of goals, and it’s easy to forget to have a united vision. Set quarterly or monthly goals as a team, with each individual department’s goals outlined as well as the company’s holistic goals. This way, no one will be guessing who is accomplishing what. 

Set clear workflows: If you don’t already have workflows in place, follow this guide to establish a productive workflow for your company. Once you have workflows set up that clearly define a process and roles and responsibilities, check in with your employees to make sure the processes are being followed.

Use your resources

In the digital age, collaboration isn’t limited to meetings and in-person brainstorms. No one needs a 30-minute meeting to answer something that could have been accomplished in a chat group. 

Digitized communication can also mean setting up a centralized project management platform, where inquiries pass through and assignments are managed all in one place. In an agency, success comes from a two-way street of communication between the agency and the client. 

Technology is meant to help your team — not sabotage the charm of hands-on collaboration. You can still have face-to-face work sessions, but having tools to assist with real-time collaboration can help fill gaps in communication across the agency. Your team will thank you for striking a healthy balance.